SPOTW: Melo Tha Truth "Better Late Than Never" EP Review

Better Late Than Never, the perfect title for a project full of music that you’ll be glad you didn’t miss. This EP delivers a quick turn up that has you feeling super confident and even a little cocky. BLTN delivers the ideal music to blast while getting dressed before you get your insane night started. Melo Tha Truth provides 7 awesome tracks and as always-crazy word play.


Opening with Flexxin’, Melo Tha Truth drops lyrics that would have anyone gassed up. Next up, “Go In” will become your favorite track that prepares you to step out the crib and hop in your whip and take off. This leads you to “Foreign” with a dope feature from rapper Yung Stakks, giving you a run down of all his favorite stylish designer gear.

BLTN only gets better as Melo Tha Truth leads us into a musical visual with his vivid lyrical flow providing a creative twist on the notorious movie “Dead Presidents”, it was only right to name this track Larenz Tate.

Better Late Than Never EP is a great playlist choice to fit any vibe. Melo Tha Truth’s creative lyrics and detailed imagery will definitely leave you wanting more. To sum it all up, BLTN is overall theme music to any great night.

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