SPOTW: K'Valentine feat Twista - Foreplay Remix

This weeks "Speaks Pick of the Week" comes from rapping bombshell K'Valentine. Everytime she opens her mouth beware of the fire that will expel. K'Valentine is the girl next door that can go toe to toe with boys with her rapping skills and still be the their #WCW.

So it was only right that she take this #SPOTW title with her new track "Foreplay" feat Chicago Rap Legend Twista.


Together the two bring you a track that gives you a old school b-boy hiphop feel. K'Valentine and Twista both drop a couple a sexy metaphors, "using word play for the foreplay". Besides who wouldn't wanna just make love to some hiphop?

If you like this track be sure to check out and download K'Valentine's new album "Here for a Reason".

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