SPOTW: Tony Cartel -"No Name"

There's only 2 words needed to describe this guy and his style and that's

Sophisticated Trap!!!... and it couldn't be anymore appropriate!!


Tony Cartel provides you with trap lyrics and verses with a touch of a class.

With lyrics like: "I just want a penthouse with them Persians on the floor...yea Art Deco Decor"....


It's not unusual to hear Cartel rapping about the streets while being

chauffeured around in a Rolls Royce. (This is pretty On top of decorative rap lyrics, when you see him you could almost mistake him to be a fashion model. He is actually very fashionable; dressed in the latest designers from Margiela to Tom Ford.

And for my ladies not that interested in rap, he is definitely easy on the eyes!! (Im Just saying'...y'all will thank me

Cosa Nostra titles both his 1st and 2nd project "CN2". If you still got questions about Sophisticated Trap?.... After watching his video new video "No Name" which is also the track featured as this weeks "Speaks Pick Of The Week" I think you might have a better idea.

Check it out below!

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