Speaks Pick of the Week: Chimeka - Netflix


Chimeka Netflix Cover Art

Back to the Ladies for the "Speaks Pick of the Week" When you mention this chick you just need One Word.......



Defined as a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead is one way to define a unicorn or you can just say CHIMEKA!

Chimeka formally known as "Chin Chilla Meek" is back and ready to take over the scene, one stage at a time! The Unicorn has reinvented herself and decided to give you less Meek and more Chimeka. She's the only chick that can that chick that one of the guys and still give off mad sex appeal.

We are patiently awaiting her new project "Crazy, Sexy, Cool". The title is a play off the popular TLC album and from the looks of it, seems like she's channeling her "Sexy" side. Chimeka is a unique individual with a dope spirit and for that reason it was only right to make her new track "Netflix" this weeks, "Speaks Pick Of the Week".

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