Speaks Pick of the Week: Jazmyn Alexis - Fugazi

Jazmyne Alexis on Stage

The ladies have truly been representing with the "Speaks Pick of the Week". This week I am soooo excited to introduce y'all to this beautiful songstress.....

Jazmyn Alexis!!


StoryTime: I popped up at event for past #SPOTW artist and was introduced to Ms. Jazmyn Alexis by my homie "Leo" the host of UIC Radio's "The BullPen". We were talking and then he motions for this tiny little girl with the cutest big natural hair puff to come over and literally says...

"This is Jazmyn and she can sing her ass off11!!"

From there I yelled out "Hey Jazymn, that can sing her ass off!" and the connection began!!!

Later Leo invited me our to an event titled "Soul Sessions" at a local club. Jazmyn was performing and I literally got there right as she was on stage. She performed tracks off her new album titled "CheeseCake" (which is literally my favorite dessert so this made me like her even more!) Leo was right, she can really SANG!! I was so shocked to see such a BIG Voice, belt out of this small person!!

One song especially grabbed my attention, I call it the official "F*ck Boi Anthem". I loved it soooooo much I made sure that it was the next #SPOTW. So this week's "Speaks Pick of the Week" by Jazmyn Alexis is titled " Fugazi". I hope y'all love it as much as I do!

Her Album "Cheesecake" is currently out and available on iTunes and Spotify. Go Download it, I promise you wont be disappointed from beginning to end!

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