#Dope or #Nope: Jazmyn Alexis Cheesecake Movie Series-Act 2 "Cheesecake"

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

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The voice on this girl is INSANE!! So when she asked me to help premiere her mini movie series based off her album "Cheesecake" I just couldnt say no. I mean who says no to Cheesecake anyway?! (I'll Wait)

NOBODY...thats who! Miss Jazmyn Alexis take us on a rollercoster ride of emotions with each new video. She uses tracks from her "Cheesecake" project to be the soundtrack for each visual.


Act 2: titled "Cheesecake" (but of course) opens with a typical arguemnt with that guy we all luv to hate (that guy that just doesn't get it...smh). Jazmyn then shows us a sexy side in her lingerie while texting her boo. (Ladies, this visual is definetly one we can all relate too). 


Check out Act 2 Below:



For a recap of what you missed check out Act 1: titled "Efforts" opens up with a not so happy Jazmyn and her boo....Next she takes off running and we are with her for the entire thing!...(Kinda like that ride or die BFF)...LOL


Check out Act 1 Below:



Stay Tuned as we will premiere a new video every MONDAY from Jazmyn Alexis new visual series!!


So what yall think.... #Dope or #Nope let me know in the comments below!


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